Great! We have your score. Your HOO-R-U ScoreTM sums up how well you rank among your peer group (0 to 100%).

The HOO-R-U Score captures your standing on the main components of your social media identity relative to members of your peer group. The score is expressed in percentile form. For example, a score of 89 means your score is higher than 89 percent of your peers or, to put it differently, you are in the top 11 percent of your peers.

Here’s what your score means:


Empathetic / Sharing:
Mindful of other social media members’ concerns, interests and viewpoints. Attentive to details, conscientious and fun to be with.


Leader / Influencer:
Exhibiting natural leadership qualities that make others listen and pay attention to. Eager to get ahead while also showing others how to do so.


Creative / Original:
Using innate curiosity to come up with imaginative solutions to life’s small or big problems.


Smart Shopper:
Brand loyal yet shrewd deal hunter and excited to try new products.


Interested in new fashion trends and eager to talk about that with others.

Congratulations, now that you have your HOO-R-U Score, your journey has begun. What now? You can take this snapshot of who you are and use it as a springboard for a more mindful, purposeful, intentional self on social media. We hope you’ll monitor your HOO-R-U Score in the future and use your self-discovery as a guide, whatever your goals and current life stage may be.

Important: Your HOO-R-U Score belongs to you. Many participants enjoy saving their report or sharing it with friends and family and peers (co-workers, fellow students, romantic partners, etc.) but the decision to do so is up to you. We do not retain any identifying information on our servers. So we suggest printing this page or emailing the report to yourself by clicking on one of the icons above.

Congratulations, you’ve earned a HOO-R-U Badge, your visual token of achievement.

The HOO-R-U Badge represents that you are mindful and serious about your social media reputation. You can share your badge on blogs, professional networks, job applications and social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn or your email signature.

Our badges are Mozilla Open Badge compliant, which means that you can have them officially recognized in a badge backpack or an Open Badge compliant portfolio.

Check out our help video that will show you what you can do with your new badge.

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