The HOO-R-U Pledge

HOO-R-U is committed to the fundamental principle that you and only you are privy to your HOO-R-U Profile. Data collected in the HOO-R-U questionnaire is limited to your answer to each question and does not include any personal data about you.

We are neither sharing with nor selling your HOO-R-U Profile to anyone. While many social media entities treat their users as the product—by making user data available to advertisers and other interested parties—with HOO-R-U you are not the product. The HOO-R-U product is the profile you are acquiring which reflect your own views.

Use your HOO-R-U Profile to better understand the identity you project within your social networks as well as to others who may gain access to your social media postings, sometimes without your consent and permission. HOO-R-U Profile represents your own assessment of who you are by forcing you to envision what others think of you along significant dimensions. It does not reveal what others think of you; it lets you look in the social media mirror and simply asks you: What do you see? That is how it should be — after all, you are the best judge of who you are, and you are also the only one who is entitled to decide if you are happy with the identity you are projecting.