HOO-R-U helps individuals understand who they are on social media

HOO-R-U is an effective new tool for individuals looking to understand who they are on social media.

The HOO-R-U profile will help you consider – or reconsider – the strengths and weaknesses of what you project through social media, relative to people with pursuits similar to yours.

We built HOO-R-U as a 21st century extension of the respected Looking Glass Self social concept by Charles Horton Cooley. The HOO-R-U Profile represents your own assessment of who you are by forcing you to envision what others think of you along significant dimensions. It does not reveal what others think of you; it lets you look in the social media mirror and simply asks you: What do you see? That is how it should be — after all, you are the best judge of who you are, and you are also the only one who is entitled to decide if you are happy with the identity you are projecting.

Our methodology is solid. Your privacy is paramount. Our expertise in sociology, quantitative methods, research methodology, advanced data science applications and econometrics – all key factors in ensuring the soundness and quality of our products. Our team is dedicated to your privacy. Your profile is not available to any other parties. In fact, you use the HOO-R-U tool anonymously.

Regardless of how much time you spend on social media sites, your mere presence and the actions you take tell something about yourself. It turns out that that “something” is very valuable to advertisers, but do you know what it says? Moreover, the “self” you project on social media may determine your success with employers, college admission officers or future dating partners. You should know, after all, it’s YOUR identity. Your HOO-R-U Profile is designed for you and it is yours to use as you see fit. We believe it will help you use social media more mindfully and more successfully.