Who are you? For millennia, people have pondered this question of ‘self’. Now with social media, the question of who we are is more complex than ever. Discover your answer here.

I am not whoyou think I am;I am not whoI think I am;I am who I thinkyou think I am.

The Looking Glass Self, (1902) – Charles Horton Cooley


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We think the relevance of Cooley’s influential Looking Glass Self Theory is even more dramatic and on point now with social media than it was in the 20th Century. Cooley theorized that the sense of self is formed in two ways: by one’s actual experiences and by what one imagines others’ ideas of oneself to be—a phenomenon Cooley called the “looking glass self”.

Now magnify Cooley’s concept and speed it up. You have hundreds of mirrors in different settings – all changing day to day and responding to different parts of yourself. There are the parts you share on Facebook, in Private Groups, on Instagram, on LinkedIn, on Dating sites… All of these mirrors, or looking glasses, affect your concept of self. Then, often without thinking, you project that self back to friends, employers, employees, college admission officers, or whoever you may care about. Sometimes what we do can have a profound impact on our off-line lives.

Who are you? We invite you to test HOO-R-U and Cooley’s theory. Take a 5 minute questionnaire and we’ll instantly show you your resulting profile covering 5 nuanced dimensions of who you are today on social media. This is not about superficial things such as likes or numbers of followers; this goes to the deeper question of who you are and what you project to the online world. You’ll see how your profile dimensions compare to the population of your own peer group.

HOO-R-U works for you, only you. We are neither sharing with nor selling your HOO-R-U Profile to anyone. While many social media entities treat their users as the product—by making user data available to advertisers and other interested parties—with HOO-R-U you are not the product. Your HOO-R-U Profile belongs only to you. If you want to share with friends, or even compare scores, that’s up to you. What’s more, we do not store anything that connects you to your profile on our servers.

Knowledge leads to mindfulness. HOO-R-U will help you take better control of your social media self. We’ll give you the mirror. The rest is up to you. TRY IT. SEE WHAT YOU THINK.